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SECURE ACCOUNT: Keep Your Social Media Account Secure From Hackers [#SecureAccount]


SECURE ACCOUNT: Keep Your Social Media Account Secure From Hackers [#SecureAccount]

1. Beware of phishing
2. Prioritize password protection
3. Connect to secure Wi-Fi

1. Beware of phishing
Scammers try to trick you into clicking on a link that may result in a security breach.

They prey on users in hopes they will open pop-up windows or other malicious links that could have viruses and malware embedded in them.

With just one click, you could enable hackers to infiltrate your computer network.

2. Prioritize password protection
Strong, complex passwords can help stop cyber thieves from accessing your information.

If a cybercriminal figures out your password, it could give them access to your entire network.

Creating unique, complex passwords is essential. And always opt for two-step verification.

3. Connect to secure Wi-Fi
Your internet connection should be secure, encrypted, and hidden.

If you are working remotely, you can help protect data by using a virtual private network.

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks, which can be risky and make your data vulnerable.

Are your social media account secure from hackers?
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